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Better infant formula designed by experts in human milk.

Whether you are mixing formula, or seeking donor milk... as experts in human milk, we wanted to make it easier for parents to make infant feeding decisions that you can trust.

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Doing better for babies.

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Our team recognized a need for infant feeding products with cleaner ingredients, so at we decided to develop an infant formula that we would feed our own babies - as well as offering high quality donor breast milk to empower you as parents to make choices that you know are best for your family.


Looking for Paid Milk Donation?

The Mothers Milk Cooperative and are not accepting applications for milk donation, we want to make sure that donors and recipient babies get what they need! If you are trying to reach The Mothers Milk Coop click here.

Since most of you are asking for paid milk donation programs, we recommend a different milk bank called Ni-q and you can click here to learn more: